The Edsac Simulator

The EDSAC was the world's first stored-program computer to operate a regular computing service. Designed and built  at Cambridge University, England, the EDSAC performed its first calculation on 6th May 1949.

The Edsac simulator is a faithful software evocation of the EDSAC computer as it existed in 1949-51. The user interface has all the controls and displays of the original machine, and the system includes a library of original programs, subroutines, and debugging software. The simulator is intended for use in teaching the history of computing; as a tutorial introduction to the classic "von Neumann" computer; or as an historical experience for current computer practitioners.

The Edsac simulator is in the process of being transfered to the Edsac Replica Project

The screen shot below shows the simulator running the "squares" program, one of the first three programs written for the EDSAC.



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The EDSAC Simulator is developed by:
Martin Campbell-Kelly , Department of Computer Science , University of Warwick , England.
Photographs copyright Cambridge University Department of Computer Science and Technology .